Hello Visitor,

It’s a pleasure give you a welcome to my website,  if you are here to look at my career history please visit My CV page and you will find my résumé, just a note before you click on the link as many companies and headhunters always asks between 2012 and 2013 what I have done, I’ve stayed home in Sicily catching up with old customers and improving their business with new tools, I’ve spent as well this time to improve my English skills and get ready for my England challenge.

I’m Giovanni Annino and in the last five years I’ve been working in the United Kingdom within the ITC sector my last job role has been Cloud Infrastructure Engineer at Solarcentury and during my career I was involved in routine activities, maintenance, remote and frontal customers support included CEO and Directors, as well in project jobs before in Italy now in the United Kingdom I had the chance to build custom solution for different clients of various dimensions from the small business to enterprises with employee worldwide.

The last project I’ve delivered has been the “evolution” of the cloud infrastructure for Solarcentury, I’ve been driving this project at the end of 2018. When I joined the company  I was hired for my Network and Linux knowledge that gave me the chance to operate a collection of bash script that were orchestrating the cloud operations, after a while it became clear the Dev Teams were not really happy of the bash orchestration solution so after multiple request I decided in agreement with the IT manager that we should have given at least a try to a different method, so after attending the Architecting on AWS course I’ve started to evaluate best method to review the AWS cloud utilization and decided to adopt Terraform to script the AWS cloud and Ansible to configure the server as required, in three months I’ve create a PoC that gave me the possibility to transition all the bash legacy code and start to orchestrate the cloud operation with Terraform and Ansible. My touch was visible first as Solarcentury has started to adopt Spot instances for non-production categories with a potential 70% saving on the aws bill then in the integration built around Terraform and Ansible I’ve made Ansible to react to an AWS SQS queue that deliver information of new machine built in the cloud and  configure them depending on the category the machine belongs (Dev/QA/Stage/Prod). The main reason for the Ansible reaction was to protect from spot instances termination but then we applied to all the categories as if a server is terminated the system will react and reinstall the application. For the applications we migrated already we have seen that it take around ten minutes between a machine becoming unresponsive or being terminated to be back online serving as usual, this means with this evolution I’ve as well set my self free from babysitting cloud operations and I don’t need to react if someone break something, the systems will heal them self. Hopefully this has made the Devs happier but those guys looks never happy… 😀

I’m now evaluating new positions in Central London and thanks to Brexit in US (Miami, San Diego or Los Angeles) and as well Malta to find my next opportunity to change my focus by July 2019 after my role at Solarcentury Holding Ltd

I will prefer to get in touch with companies implementing or in possess of ISO 27001 Certification at least and happy to work in higly regulated environment such as Finance or Blue chip companies as this will give me the chance to grow and learn some new rules to follow in the implementation for my infrastructure

If you have any feedback or advice please send them to feedback@giovannino.net